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Telescopic racks are used as supporting elements in beam-rack formwork of floors. Racks are completed with cross heads on which I-beams are laid, and tripods for better stability.
Incorrect placement and incorrect calculation of the load on the racks are common causes of the collapse of the formwork of floors. At the same time, the quality of the racks themselves plays an important role.
Therefore, in choosing the racks for the project, you should pay attention to:

  • Specifications: pipe diameter and thickness, heel thickness, hook thickness
  • Coating: powder or zinc
  • Safety: stand protection elements
  • Proven and reliable load bearing capacity


PERI painted telescopic stand is a technological product that is produced in Russia in compliance with the requirements of the European quality standard. The production process itself is controlled from the stage of raw materials to the moment of sending to the client.
The standard sizes of painted racks allow you to install formwork at a height of 1.85 to 4.2 m. These racks are best suited for typical monolithic construction: residential and commercial buildings.
The painted stand is presented in three standard sizes in height: 310, 370 and 420 cm.
The outer and inner pipes are made of steel 3 and coated with powder paint.


  • Quick height adjustment | Due to the distance between the holes and the wide adjustment range
  • Diameter and thickness of pipes | External – 60 x 2 mm; inner – 51 x 2.5 mm
  • Diameter and thickness of pipes | External – 60 x 2 mm; inner – 51 x 2.5 mm
  • Galvanized thread and nut | Easily cleaned from adhering concrete, ensuring a longer shelf life
  • G-shaped hook with a thickness of 14 mm | It has a high bearing capacity, is protected from a spell, cannot be removed, which means it will not be lost. The average market indicator is 10-12 mm
  • Testing in an independent laboratory | The bearing capacity of a rack is confirmed by the certificate
  • Enhanced production quality control | Only verified racks are sent for delivery to the customer
  • Powder coating | Stand protected against corrosion