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I-beam wooden beam is used in beam-crossbar formwork of walls and beam-rack formwork of ceilings. This is one of the supporting elements of the formwork, which perceives the load from freshly laid concrete. Therefore, the beam must have such a bearing capacity that will ensure the integrity of the beam itself and the reliability of the entire formwork structure. When choosing a beam for formwork, it is important to pay attention to:

When choosing a beam for formwork, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Technical characteristics: bearing capacity, end protection, adhesive bonding, etc.
  • The material from which the wall and shelves of the beam are made.
  • Production technology: selection of raw materials, plant equipment, quality control and unique manufacturing features.

    All these characteristics ensure the safety and, as a result, a long service life of the beam. The ST20 beam is produced at a factory in Russia and complies with Russian standards and European standards of PERI. The material of the shelves of the beam is pine and spruce of the northern latitudes. In this case, it is the middle part of the tree with the highest density of annual rings that is used. The material of the beam wall is LVL-beam. Solid along the entire length, the wall is equally strong along the entire length. In turn, the absence of joints protects it from swelling from moisture. Advantages


    • Beam shelves do not crack when driving nails because the fibers are oriented outward by the core
    • The beam will not stick out from rain and snow and will withstand the load during operation, because the shelves and walls are glued with BASF two-component adhesive.
    • Fungus and mold will not appear on the beam, because it is protected by an acrylic coating. It can be stored in the open air, and the strength characteristics will remain the same.
    • The beam will not crack when dropped, because the concave shape of the cut end performs a protective function. Such an end is a distinctive feature of PERI beams
    • The wall of the beam is one-piece, which provides the same strength along the entire length.
    • The moisture content of the raw material is 12% + \ – 2%, which ensures the stability of the load-bearing capacity of the beam. In the market, this value is 18-22 %.