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Segezha Group formwork plywood

Segezha Group birch laminated plywood is used in formwork systems because of its high strength, moisture resistance, light weight and lamination density.

Benefits of Using Segezha Birch Plywood in Formwork

  • Strength and ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • Moisture resistance, resistance to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • Quality of the polished surface
  • Lack of thickness variation and warping;
  • Controlled internal humidity
  • Squareness and straightness of the edges
  • Strength and quality of the laminated surface
  • The quality of painting the ends


Application in other areas of production

  • Furniture manufacturing – birch wood has a beautiful pattern. Due to this feature and technical characteristics, the Segezha Group birch plywood is widely used in furniture production as a structural, decoration or decorative elements
  • Flooring – Segezha Group plywood has minimal thickness deviations and a controlled moisture indicator. Therefore, it is easy to handle and mount. And most importantly, it will not have bends of the surface and warp, which is especially important when using plywood as the middle or lower layer of the parquet;