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Wall formwork

DOMINO system is a lightweight frame-and-panel formwork. Suitable for the construction of residential and infrastructural facilities, as well as for the implementation of construction work in already constructed buildings. Anchor holes inside the panel allow you to quickly install formwork for pouring foundations, parapets, supporting walls and beams. If there is no crane, the version of DOMINO Alu is used. The DRS leveling padlock ensures smooth and tight joining of formwork panels.


  • Easy formwork of a wide range of applications; in aluminum version installation without crane is possible
  • Guaranteed smooth and tight joining of panels by using a single part – DRS leveling lock
  • When pouring the foundation, anchor holes located above the ground minimize damage to the shield when installing the cord
  • DKS wedge lock provides easy connection when formworking foundations with light loads of freshly poured concrete


Technical features

  • Mount system: Anchor DW 15
  • Maximum pressure of freshly laid concrete: 60 kN/m²
  • Panel height: 0,75 m | 1,25 m | 1,50 m | 2.50 m | 2.76 m | 13.00 m
  • Panel width: 0.25 m | 0,50 m | 0,75 m | 1.00 m


Other features

  • Powder-coated panels prevent concrete from sticking and thereby simplify the cleaning of formwork. High degree of corrosion protection due to galvanized parts