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Commitment to workplace safety

Workplace safety is our number one priority. We follow safety rules and regulations, not only because of the value of human health, but also because we realize that every accident leads to a work stoppage and negatively affects the company’s operations. That is why we have been able to achieve a much lower accident rate than the average in our industry.

Our safety measures, rules and guidelines generally include:

Proper fencing of the area and restriction of the unauthorized people

Mandatory use of personal protective ware

Zero tolerance policy for substance abuse

Use of heavy equipment and machinery in strict accordance to the safety rules

Periodic safety trainings and meetings.

All site workers, vendors, and subcontractors are required to observe security and safety measures imposed by us

Equipment and materials are stored indoors

No explosive liquids or hazardous substances are stored on the construction site

At each construction site, the safety engineer performs the following procedures:

Ensuring that personnel comply with safety instructions and regulations

Monitoring and preventing hazardous conditions and effect all changes necessary to ensure safety

Performing inspections of equipment and on site conditions at the start of each shift and/or as needed by changing conditions

Making sure that appropriate emergency equipment and medicine are available to meet existing or potential conditions

Preparing safety plan for each project

Providing insight and situational solutions for safety measures such as site access, fall protection, potentially dangerous operations, hazardous materials and storage