AGBU Business Center

HVAC system installation for AGBU center included all the up to date requirements for creating a comfortable indoor temperature.”Care Building Services” also faced the difficult task of storing engineering equipment in a very compact area. Managingto provide all that, we were also able to integrate all the engineering infrastructure from various manufacturers under a single Building Management System from Computrols Inc. The entire HVAC system could be controlled and monitored from any computer via Internet. In addition to this, we used insulated panels for ducting of the building. Not only did this solution reduce the installation time, but also saved our client’s finances, as the panel ducts were so aesthetic that the ceiling could just be painted and we could avoid using suspended ceiling to cover the engineering communications.

The Project included:

  • Installation of heating system
  • Installation of ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Installation of BMS system
  • Installation of fire alarm system
  • Installation of security system, IT and phone network and fire alarm systems

Start date:


Finish date:



5885 sq.m